"After seeing the damages first hand, and the current methods they use for flood defense, it seems as the Big Bags USA barriers would be the perfect protection system because of all the different ways to fill the gaps, or divert the water back to where it should go during the runoff."

All of those from Colorado should consider what is going to happen if you wait and expect something different to happen without first bracing for impact by getting anything (rapid deployed barriers ) to divert the water from the already damaged locations, the Big Bags USA barriers can do just that.

Wondering what to do with the "temporary barriers" in the Rockies? Keep the silt and sand inside of the Big Bags and drop the filled bags onto the next forest fire, smothering the flames, with the use of helicopters.

This is a first, using the silt and sand from the runoff, to fill a flood barrier, then after flooding use the same filled bags as a fire smothering product, when dropped on the hillside, would eventually flow down with the run off to be recycled once again.


Ask for it by name!

Big Bags USA flood barriers provide lightning fast flood protection at a fraction of the cost. The systems deploy 200 times faster than conventional sandbags…. One Big Bags USA system is 36” wide, 40” tall and 15’ long when opened up. One system can be placed & filled in 10 minutes with only 2 men.

Big Bags USA is a rapid deployment barrier, an alternative to sandbags.  We are pioneering ideas in disaster prevention and sandbag replacement that are fast, reliable and easy to integrate.

We Are:

  • 6mm thick polypropylene, made with the highest UV resistant polymers available to increase longevity in sunlight.
  • Used almost anywhere, the flexible design of no rigid bottom structure allows the bag to conform to any sub-surface, making a water-tight seal.
  • 200 times faster to deploy than sandbags. In less than 10 minutes two men can construct a wall 15’ wide by 3’ high from a single system. One system is the equivalent of over 750 regular sandbags.
  • Re-usable, taking minimal storage space and having a 25-year life span when stored inside.

If you have a Flood Emergency
call us at 1-800-337-0537

Simple. Fast. Reliable.

Big Bags USA  is designed for the highest demands without straining labor or resources, saving you time and money.

  • Deployment is 200 times faster than sandbags.
  • Ground forming. Work on curves & uneven terrain.
  • Sand is reusable, uncontaminated by flood water.
  • Setup is approximately 2 man hours per 1,000 ft.
  • Low-cost and high volume solution!
  • Stream or water diversion, coffer dams, box culverts, levee topping, storm surge and shoreline protection.

We Have Been Used For:

  • Flood Control
  • Levee Heightening
  • Coffer Dams
  • Traffic Safety
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Stream Diversion
  • Erosion Control
  • Blast Barriers (Military Use)
  • Mudslide Barriers
  • Railroad Erosion
  • Above-Ground Water Containment
  • Secondary Containment Barrier for Hazardous Spills


Our Big Bags USA systems consist of 5 heavy duty cubic yard bags, connected to form one unit. Each unit can be connected to one another to reach any desired length or height and remain open for filling.

Depending on deployment, the bags can be filled using any type of equipment: skid steers, back hoes, front end loaders, conveyor belt trucks, crane booms, and even cement mixers with the correct slurry. Simple and fast deployments are the core of effectiveness for the Big Bags USA barriers.

A single system is 3' wide, 15' long and 40" tall, forming a wall in just a few minutes by 2 men. One system is equal to over 750 regular sandbags and are filled in place in less than 10 minutes.


Stockpiling Big Bags USA barriers ahead of your next flood event will ensure protection will be on hand before the waters show up. For every dollar spent on preparedness, saves at least 4 dollars in recovery. The clean up is as simple as the deployment, saving time, manpower and money.

Big Bags USA can be used anywhere.

The systems can effectively be used most anywhere. The flexible design of no rigid bottom structure allows the Big Bags USA sandbags to conform to any sub-surface, making a water-tight seal.  Thus, wherever a protective flood barrier is needed, tops of levees, in the streets, surrounding a building, sides of hills, over sewers, Big Bags USA sandbags can adapt to the topography.

Big Bags USA can be placed on levees. 

Yes , for every layer you will go up, you would want an extra layer on the bottom, similar to a pyramid. This gives you the best defense where the most water pressure will be located.



Big Bags USA can be used around corners.

Big Bags USA flood barrier can be placed at any angle required.  When the systems are ‘snugged’ up against each other prior to filling, a water-tight seal is created.  Encircling an area, equipment, buildings is a strategic way to utilize the flood barrier system if flood waters cannot be stopped or diverted in a given area.   

Big Bags USA has a great life span of 25 years stored inside, or up to 4 years outside after they are filled.

Big Bags USA will last over 2200 hours of direct sunlight which will allow you to use them over and over again. We recommend keeping the fill material inside of the bags and use them for other projects or flood protection needs. Please ask us how to do this.