Dewatering Made Simple

Big Bags USA heavy-duty construction barriers provide a re-usable alternative to sheet pile cofferdams, sandbag barriers, water barriers, single FIBC bags, super sacks, and aqua dams. One system (comprised of 5 individual bags connected to one another) is 15’ long, 36” wide, and 40” tall. One, five bag system, can be placed and filled by two men in less than 10 minutes. No other barrier can be filled and placed faster than the Big Bags USA construction barrier system. Fast, reusable barriers that save time and money.

Why is Big Bags USA in the Top Ten Construction Barriers list?

  • 10mm thick polypropylene, made with the highest UV resistant polymers available to increase longevity in sunlight.
  • The flexibility of the barrier allows the product to be used on any an all surfaces without the need for trenching or leveling to get a good seal.
  • 200 times faster to deploy than traditional sandbag walls.
  • Uses 1/2 the amount of sand used in a sandbag wall built to the same height.
  • Not only is the barrier re-usable, the sand can be kept in the bags and stored in a warehouse for the next use.

Crane with spreader ready to build weir.

Crane lifting barriers to form a cofferdam.

Crane stacking bags after cofferdam use.

Two men building a large berm unassisted.

Big Bags USA rapid deployed barrier surrounding building

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If you were searching for dewatering ideas, water diversion, cofferdam products, berms, weirs, or temporary barriers you have found the solution.

Big Bags USA construction barrier systems have unmatched versatility to handle the highest demands at a fraction of the costs compared to other products.

  • Systems can be re-used. No need to budget for new systems on every project.
  • Deploys faster than any other barrier on the market.
  • Easy deployment with our patent-pending spreader bar.
  • Clean-up is easy. Simply warehouse the bags, sand included, for the next use.

Big Bags USA Construction Barrier Uses:

construction barrier made from large sandbags

Large sandbag dams can be built to dewater any size work area. Big Bags USA construction barriers can be pyramid stacked to any height. Be sure to check out or patent pending spreader bar that lifts the filled five bag construction barrier systems into place. (Example of Large Sandbag Dams in a pyramid shape).

excavator working on a small cofferdam project

Shown above is an excavator working on a small cofferdam project. With Big Bags USA construction barriers you can build small or large sandbag dams with various types of equipment such as excavators or cranes. (Excavator working on small cofferdam project)

construction barriers being used as a temporary barrier berm

Shown above is an example of Big Bags USA construction barriers being used as a temporary barrier berm to protect a water treatment plant during reconstruction. (Temporary Barrier Protecting Water Treatment Plant)


construction barriers can be used for coastal erosion projects

Big Bags USA construction barriers can be used for coastal erosion projects. Regardless of whether or not you are dealing with erosion control for beachfront property, streams, rivers, or lakefronts, our construction barriers are a fast solution to your problems. (Big Bags USA barrier stopping coastal erosion)

Use our construction barriers to form arcs or right angles for your dewatering projects.

Big Bags USA construction barriers can be connected together on the shoreline and pulled out in the water to any length, then filled while sitting in the water, creating a cofferdam. Once the barriers are in place they can be filled exactly where you need them.

Make Cofferdams, Weirs, or Berms a breeze with our patent pending spreader bar.

In the photo gallery to the right you can see our flood barriers protecting a railroad track. Our flood barrier easily conforms to railroad tracks, tops of levees, streets, hillsides, over sewer drains and any other uneven topography.



Forklift placing barrier to form a weir.

Our construction barriers carry the highest UV Protection available.

Big Bags USA construction barriers are rated for over 2,200 hours of direct sunlight. Our sand-filled demonstration barriers displayed outside of the factory remain uncompromised after 10 years of exposure to the elements. The heavy-duty construction, combined with the best UV protection available, allows the bags to reused on multiple cofferdam projects

Create additional work for your company supplying temporary barriers to your local communities in times of need like heavy rain events.

All contractors with excavators, front end loaders, and cranes should consider contacting a Big Bags USA representative for information on how to use our temporary barriers for deployment in your local communities when flood waters threaten. There is a high demand for rapid deployed barriers throughout the United States during the spring rainy period. If you are capable of deploying our product on your jobsites then you could easily be hired to deploy barriers by your state, county, or local municipalities in times of need.